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Maple Memo: Global Migration Complete!

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1 Maple Memo: Global Migration Complete! on Sat Nov 12, 2016 6:48 am


Hello Maplers,

Yesterday on November 10th, we completed our first service migration maintenance to bring former Europe MapleStory players into Global MapleStory. It was a long maintenance that took the coordination of teams in three timezones, but we’re pleased to have completed the maintenance and welcome all of our new players from Europe and Brazil!

Last week, we mentioned that some data would be lost or reset as a result of the migration and that players would be compensated for it. In most cases players who spent NX on items or data that was lost will be compensated with Maple Points. In addition, as our token of appreciation for your patience during the maintenance, we will be celebrating the migration with a Hot Weekend on November 12 and 13. For our former European MapleStory players specifically, we’ve prepared a special gift package for migrating to our service. Please see the details below:

  • All players can log into MapleStory on November 12 and 13 to receive celebratory gifts!
  • All former Europe MapleStory players have been given the Heroic Android Pack, Kradia and Demethos World Pride medals, 200 Spell Traces, and an Epic Potential Scroll 100%.
  • Players who had their Wedding and Friendship Rings removed have been compensated with Maple Points equal to the amount they spent on the rings.
  • Players who purchased Monster Life related items have been compensated Maple Points equal to the amount they spent.
  • In addition, all former Europe MapleStory players have been given 10 Monster Life coins.
  • Players who used Avatar Scissors of Karma on their cash equipment have been compensated with Maple Points equal to the amount of equipment they used the Scissors on.
  • Players who had purchased character expansion slots that were removed or made otherwise unavailable, have been compensated with Maple Points equal to half the number of character slots they lost.

In yesterday’s maintenance we also changed the server time to UTC for both the North American and European servers. We made this change to better control the event and content times within the game by unifying both servers on a standard timezone. As we mentioned in our forum post last night, we understand that players are upset that this shift in times has made some content more inconvenient for some players. We intend to improve this by adjusting current and future content and sales timing to account for as many of our players as possible.

In addition, we know a lot of you were experiencing critical issues immediately following the maintenance yesterday. We’re aware that some players are unable to log in, are currently getting disconnected, have additional items missing that should not be, or are otherwise experiencing unintended side effects as a result of the migration. Please feel free to submit a support ticket, if you haven’t already, so that we can look into resolving these issues as soon as possible. You may also post your issues in our forums here.
Please take the time to browse our forums to interact with your new fellow Maplers and check out the new Luna server!
Thank you,

Dennis "Savage Ace" Bernardo
Production Manager - MapleStory

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