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[Information] Maplestory Migration

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1 [Information] Maplestory Migration on Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:32 pm


Hello Maplers,

On November 10th, Nexon America will begin to service our European MapleStory
in addition to our existing players around the world. This migration brings a lot
of benefits to 
all of our players and we wanted to make sure you understand what is
happening and why. 

For our European players migrating over, there’s quite a few exciting changes for you.
go in depth on some of the main changes and include the complete list of changes

Immediately following the migration, you will be prompted to download the full v177
client that 
will provide you access to all the latest GMS content, including Heroes of
Maple, Mushroom 
Shrine Tales, and the recently released Strange Stories content.
With this migration, European 
players will now experience all of the current and
future events occurring in Global MapleStory. 
Please make sure to accept both
the service 
migration and the MapleStory game migration in order to begin
playing on November 10th. If you miss 
your chance now or wait until after 
November 9th to migrate, you'll have to wait for an upcoming maintenance
in order to access  
the MapleStory world in Europe.

Next, the existing Demethos and Kradia worlds in Europe MapleStory will merge into
one world, Luna. 
Previously, we planned to migrate the two worlds over, so we asked
our European players from each 
server to vote for their new world names. But after
further discussion internally, we decided to combine 
the two worlds to provide our
MapleStory players with a larger population to play with immediately following
the migration. Out of all the votes 
between the two servers, the name Luna received
the most. 
Other additional changes as a result of the world merge and service migration

The amount of character slots you will have in Luna will be the higher value of either 
character slots or characters created in either Kradia or Demethos.

*If the total number of characters in both worlds exceed the maximum amount (40), all of your
characters will transfer to Luna. 
If you delete characters that are over the maximum amount,
no character slots will be freed until you delete characters 
below the maximum amount. 

The amount of Storage slots you will have in Luna will be the higher value of either the
number of items in the Storage or the number of Storage slots in either Kradia or Demethos.

Character Card settings will be maintained if you've only set it up in 1 of the worlds. If you
have set up character cards in both worlds, your settings will be reset.

Quests that shared between both worlds, will keep the data of the furthest progression.

Burning character settings will be reset.

Cash Shop settings such as Cart Inventory will be reset.

Cash Shop items that are tradeable as a result of using Avatar Scissors of Karma on it,
will be reset to untradeable.

Your community data such as Friends list, Blacklist, Guilds, and wedding information will
be reset.

Your Monster Life progression will be reset.

Macro settings will be reset.

Any rewards you still haven't accepted from the Reward System notifier on the left of the
screen, will be lost.

Following the merge, support for restoration of characters will be extremely limited. 

All Cash Item gifts will be adjusted so that the sender's name is "Gift"

In-game rankings such as Mu Lung Dojo, Donation King, and Tower of Oz will be reset.

Friendship and wedding rings will be deleted.

Although there is data that unfortunately will be reset as a result of the migration, we plan to
compensate players for 
the loss and reward our loyal players for sticking with us as we
complete this migration process. Details for these rewards 
will be revealed soon. 

In addition to the worlds merging, you will also be able to create brand new characters on our
North America servers. Although this will technically be available, we strongly urge everyone
to choose the server closest to their location to get the best gameplay experience. You will
also be able to interact with a wider community on our newly relaunched forums as well as 
on our social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Twitch. 

For current Global MapleStory players, you will now have the choice to create new 
characters on the Europe world, Luna. These new worlds are located in our European
datacenter so depending on your location, you may find your connection to these servers
better or worse than the current North America servers. You will also be able to interact
with a new population of players migrating from the European MapleStory service. 

This migration has been in discussion and planning for a long time and many teams around
the world have worked tirelessly to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. Having said
that, we know there may be some unforeseen issues that arise as a result of these changes. 
A large project like this will always have a few kinks even after launch. But we are committed
to making sure your experience is as smooth as possible, so we will work hard to resolve
issues as fast as we can. 

We are all extremely excited to see the launch of the new combined service and we hope you
all enjoy the new Global MapleStory service. 

Thank you,

Dennis "Savage Ace" Bernardo
Production Manager – Global MapleStory

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