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[Notice] _SUP Character names

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1 [Notice] _SUP Character names on Wed Oct 26, 2016 9:20 am


Hi Maplers,

During today's maintenance, "_SUP" character names where the character name length was

13 characters or more have been shortened from "<name>_SUP" to "<name>_", to allow
most of these character to be able to log in.
For example: ApplePie123_SUP has been changed to ApplePie123_
We encourage you to log-in now before the migration and request a name change through 
Customer Support so that you have the best possible chance to secure the name you prefer.

There are cases where the character name is still longer than 13 characters after the change
from "<name>_SUP" to "<name>_". Since this character name currently still has a length of
13 characters or more, it is not possible to log in to this character at the moment.
We're planning to address this issue during a future maintenance.
Happy Mapling!

- Maplestory Europe Team -

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