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MapleStory Global Migration – Update!

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1 MapleStory Global Migration – Update! on Fri Oct 21, 2016 9:21 pm


Dear MapleStory Player,

A few weeks ago, we announced that the Nexon Europe MapleStory service would soon

be migrating to the Nexon Global Platform launcher managed by Nexon America. We also
announced that the migration process had been delayed from our original date of September
28th. While we don’t have a new date to share with you, we would like you to know that we
are planning to complete the migration within November 2016. We are working hard to bring
this migration to our players and we should be ready to announce a solid date in the coming
weeks. Please bear with us as we iron out all the issues to ensure you have a smooth
experience during the migration.

What does the migration mean for you? It means that once you have completed the account

migration and Maplestory migration processes, you will soon have access to all the latest
and most exciting content updates that North American players have access to, such as
the blockbuster Heroes of Maple series, the Mushroom Shrine Tales, and the recently
released Strange Stories content! It also means you will now receive all your news and
information from the North American website, newly designed forums, social media
channels and support. The European website will be taken down on the migration day
and the European forums will eventually be taken down at a later date. 

If you wish to continue playing MapleStory, you must now update your account by

reviewing and opting in to our new Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. 


After you’ve updated your account to a Nexon Global Account, make sure to accept the

MapleStory Migration Agreement to have your Maplestory Europe gameplay data transferred.
Only then will we be able to migrate your Nexon account, and MapleStory Europe gameplay
data to the new service. Please keep in mind that your Nexon Cash balance has to be
migrated separately. You can migrate your Nexon Cash via the Nexon Launcher, so please
click here to learn more about this process. Please be advised that if you migrate your Nexon
Cash prior to the service migration, you will not be able to purchase/spend Nexon Cash on
MapleStory Europe until the game has been migrated to the Nexon Launcher.

Please note that if you updated your Nexon Europe account to a Nexon Global Account, but

haven’t consented to the MapleStory migration, your Maplestory Europe gameplay data
cannot be transferred to Nexon America’s Global MapleStory service.

You will receive the MapleStory migration agreement pop-up by starting MapleStory Europe

via the Nexon Europe Launcher, or by logging in to the Nexon Europe portal website. The
agreement will appear only after you have updated your Nexon Europe account to a
Nexon Global Account. 

Here’s a screenshot of the Maplestory migration agreement pop-up that needs to be accepted
to have your MapleStory Europe gameplay data migrated to Nexon America’s Global
MapleStory service.


Please note that all player accounts that have NOT opted-in will be closed and deleted when

the service completely transfers over to the Nexon Global Platform. If you haven’t done so
already, we strongly encourage you to update your accounts as soon as possible to avoid
losing your MapleStory account information, and gameplay data. 

In addition, for those players who had a character on the Supreme server, we are also

planning to shorten your name during the October 26th maintenance, to allow your
character to be able to log in. Please note that this only counts for currently not yet
changed ”_SUP” character names where the character name length is 13 characters
or more. We encourage you to log-in now before the migration and request a name
change through Customer Support so that you have the best possible chance to 
secure the name you prefer.

For more details about the migration, click here to go to our FAQ page about the migration. 

We hope to see all of you soon on the new and improved MapleStory service!

-The MapleStory Team

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