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Weekly Special Deals!

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1 Weekly Special Deals! on Wed Sep 14, 2016 11:42 am


Hi Maplers,

Check out what we have in store for you below!

1.Damage Skins!
2. Scrolling Sales!
3. Permanent Duration Clothing Items!
4. Meso Sacks discount!
Ongoing Sales

1. Damage Skins!
Period: 14.09.2016 - 28.09.2016

Damage Skin Random Box

Price: 2,000 NX

You can receive a total of 20 different damage skins
from the Damage Skin Random Box!

2. Scrolling Sales!
Period: 14.09.2016 – 21.09.2016

These items are up for grabs with a discount!
The perfect chance to scroll that precious equipment!

Shielding Ward

Price: 5,500 NX – 4,100 NX
Prevents an item from being destroyed by scrolls.
[1 time use]

Shield Scroll

Price: 2,800 NX – 2,100 NX
Prevents an item from having its upgrade slots deducted in case a scroll fails.
[1 time use]

Perfect Innocence Scroll

Price: 6,000 NX – 4,500 NX
Restores all slots and extra stats the item has,
returning it completely to its original state.
- Resets the slots used.
- Resets item growth (if the item has levels).
- Resets Hammer Slots.
- Resets Enhancements Applied.
- Does not reset Potential.
[1 time use]

Guardian Scroll

Price: 2,400 NX – 1,800 NX
Protects the scroll you use. If the scroll fails, you will be able to keep it.
[1 time use]

Superior Shielding Ward

Price: 6,000 NX – 4,500 NX
Use this scroll to make sure that your Superior item will not be destroyed by
a failed scroll. Can only be used on items marked as ‘Superior’ in their description.
This item cannot be used on items that have been enhanced 7 or more times.
[1 time use]

Return Scroll

Price: 5,520 NX – 4,150 NX
Allows you to decide whether you want to keep the new stats or revert back to the old stats.
Very useful when upgrading items with an uncertain outcome.
Perfect if you’re scrolling items with Chaos Scrolls!
In case a scroll fails, the slot will be protected and not deducted, similar to the Shield Scroll.
However, this scroll does not prevent an item from blowing up by a failed scroll!
[1 time use]

3. Permanent Duration Clothing Items!
Period: 14.09.2016 - 21.09.2016

Ducky Hat

Price: 7,400 NX - 1,000 NX

Moon Bunny Hat

Price: 5,200 NX - 1,200 NX

Lovely Pink Heart T-Shirt

Price: 5,400 NX - 1,200 NX

Octopus T-shirt

Price: 2,400 NX - 1,000 NX

Pink Training Shorts

Price: 3,000 NX - 1,000 NX

Low-rise Ripped Jeans

Price: 4,800 NX - 800 NX

Moonlight Serenade Get-Up

Price: 3,300 NX - 1,200 NX

Blue Daisy Dress

Price: 7,200 NX - 1,200 NX

Yellow Baby Dragon Hat

Price: 7,000 NX - 1,000 NX

Yellow Frill Camisole

Price: 7,400 NX - 800 NX

Cowboy Boots

Price: 5,400 NX - 1,000 NX

Super Scrubber

Price: 9,600 NX - 1,500 NX

4. Meso Sacks discount!
Period: 14.09.2016 – 21.09.2016

Get your hands on Mesos for less because the Meso Sacks are discounted this week!
Test your luck with a Rare, Epic, and Unique Meso Sack!

Unique Meso Sack Price: 3,000 NX – 1,200 NX
Epic Meso Sack Price: 2,000 NX – 800 NX
Rare Meso Sack Price: 1,000 NX – 400 NX


Ongoing Sales

1. Royal Styles!
Period: 07.09.2016 – 21.09.2016

The available styles can be previewed in the Cash Shop!

Royal Face Coupon

Price: 3,300 NX

Royal Hair Coupon

Price: 3,300 NX

2. Chair Capsule Toy
Period: 07.09.2016 - 21.09.2016

Chair Capsule Toy

Price: 3,500 NX

Chair Capsule Toy (11)

Price: 35,000 NX

A total of 20 different chairs can be obtained!

3. Premium Surprise Style Box Update
Period: 24.08.2016 – 28.09.2016

A total of 100 different items are obtainable from the PSSB!

Premium Surprise Style Box

Price: 3,400 NX
Item Duration: Permanent

Premium Surprise Style Box (11)

Price: 34,000 NX
Item Duration: Permanent

4. Capsule Toy Update
Period: 20.07.2016 – 28.09.2016

The capsule toy machine has been changed to the Great Capsule Toy Pierrot!
You can find Capsule Toy Pierrot in Henesys Market!

The Gapsule Toy Pierrot is updated every couple of weeks. Starting 20th July,
various items will be obtainable from the Great Capsule Toy Pierrot,
including but not limited to the Lightning God Ring, various souls,
scrolls, nebulites, chairs and mounts.

There are two type of Capsule Toy Pierrot Tickets, as follows:

Capsule Toy Ticket

Price: 1,000 NX

Capsule Toy Ticket (11)

Price: 10,000 NX

Remote Capsule Toy Ticket

Price: 1,050 NX

Remote Capsule Toy Ticket (11)

Price: 10,500 NX

*Due to the aligning the EMS build with the GMS build, the capsule toy item list
has changed as of 20th July 2016.

Happy Mapling!

- Maplestory Europe Team -

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