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Weekly Special Deals!

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1 Weekly Special Deals! on Wed Aug 31, 2016 11:22 am


Hi Maplers,

Check out what we have in store for you below!

1. Stjartmes Pet!
2. Cube packages!
3. Scissors Discount!
4. Let it circulate!
5. Vicious' Hammers!

1. Stjartmes Pet!
31.08.2016 - 07.09.2016

Stjartmes Pet Package

Price: 25,000 NX - 13,935 NX

This package includes the following:
Stjartmes Pet and pet equipment
Premium Pet Food (6)
Auto HP Potion Skill
Auto All Cure Skill
Pet Name Tag
2 Scrolls for Pet Equip for Weapon ATT 60% Exchange Ticket
2 Scrolls for Pet Equip for Magic ATT 60% Exchange Ticket
2. Cube packs!
Period: 31.08.2016 – 14.09.2016

Red Cube Twelve Pack

Price: 14,400 NX - 10,800 NX
This package includes 12 Red Cubes and 1 Golden Awakening Stamp.

Black Cube Twelve Pack

Price: 26,400 NX - 19,800 NX
This package includes 12 Black Cubes and 1 Golden Awakening Stamp.

Gold Bonus Potential Cube Package

Price: 26,000 NX – 21,800 NX
This package includes 10 Bonus Potential Cubes, 1 Silver Bonus Potential Stamp,

1 Gold Bonus Potential Stamp, and a Special Bonus Potential Scroll.

Silver Bonus Potential Cube Package

Price: 14,000 NX – 12,800 NX
This package includes 5 Bonus Potential Cubes, 1 Silver Bonus Potential Stamp,

and a Special Bonus Potential Scroll.

3. Scissors Discount!
Period: 31.08.2016 - 07.09.2016

Scissors of Karma

Price: 3,000 NX – 2,250 NX

Platinum Scissors of Karma

Price: 4,000 NX – 3,000 NX

4. Let it Circulate!
Period: 31.08.2016 – 07.09.2016

The Miracle Circulators are used to reset inner abilities.

Miracle Circulator

Price: 1,900 NX – 1,425 NX
5. Vicious' Hammers!
Period: 31.08.2016 - 07.09.2016

Vicious' Hammer

Price: 4,900 NX - 3,675 NX

Vicious' Hammer (2)

Price: 8,500 NX - 6,375 NX


Ongoing Sales
1. Premium Surprise Style Box Update
Period: 24.08.2016 – 28.09.2016

A total of 100 different items are obtainable from the PSSB!

Premium Surprise Style Box

Price: 3,400 NX
Item Duration: Permanent

Premium Surprise Style Box (11)

Price: 34,000 NX
Item Duration: Permanent

2. Royal Styles!
Period: 24.08.2016 – 07.09.2016

The available styles can be previewed in the Cash Shop!

Royal Face Coupon

Price: 3,300 NX

Royal Hair Coupon

Price: 3,300 NX
2. Capsule Toy Update
Period: 20.07.2016 – 28.09.2016

The capsule toy machine has been changed to the Great Capsule Toy Pierrot!
You can find Capsule Toy Pierrot in Henesys Market! 

The Gapsule Toy Pierrot is updated every couple of weeks. Starting 20th July,
various items will be obtainable from the Great Capsule Toy Pierrot,
including but not limited to the Lightning God Ring, various souls,
scrolls, nebulites, chairs and mounts.

There are two type of Capsule Toy Pierrot Tickets, as follows:

Capsule Toy Ticket

Price: 1,000 NX
Capsule Toy Ticket (11)

Price: 10,000 NX
Remote Capsule Toy Ticket 

Price: 1,050 NX
Remote Capsule Toy Ticket (11)

Price: 10,500 NX

*Due to the aligning the EMS build with the GMS build, the capsule toy item list 
has changed as of 20th July 2016.
Happy Mapling!
- Maplestory Europe Team -

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