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[Game Migration] Information about Nexon Cash transfer

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Dear Maplers,

From 10.08.2016 Nexon Europe games will be integrated into the Nexon Global Service

ONE BY ONE, and Combat Arms will be the first game to be integrated. If you are
a Combat Arms player as well, you will be asked to transfer your Nexon Cash 
balance and your account’s Nexon Cash balance will be moved to the new
Nexon Launcher. You will no longer be able to purchase/spend Nexon Cash 
anymore with the account on any of the games using the Nexon Europe Launcher
once you’ve approved the move of the Nexon Cash balance.
Please be advised that if you are playing multiple games which are not migrated at

the same time, you won’t be able to purchase/spend for one of these games
until the migration for this game has been completed as well.

Example scenario:
You’re both a Combat Arms and MapleStory player and Combat Arms is migrated

to the new Nexon Launcher sooner than MapleStory. When you start Combat Arms
through the new Nexon Launcher, you will be asked if you would like to transfer
your Nexon Cash to the Nexon Launcher.

Approve transfer: If you agree to transfer your Nexon Cash balance,
you will no longer be able to purchase/spend Nexon Cash in MapleStory until

MapleStory is migrated.

Reject transfer: You will not be able to purchase/spend Nexon Cash in Combat Arms

until you agree to transfer your Nexon Cash.

*If you reject with the transfer, you can still transfer your Nexon Cash at a later time.
The pop up with the request to transfer your Nexon Cash will appear each time
you log into the new Nexon Launcher, until you approve the Nexon Cash transfer.

**Please note that if you’re only playing one game that uses the Nexon Europe Launcher,
there will be no impact, which means that you can purchase/spend Nexon Cash

until the service merge completion.

***Please be advised that the Nexon Cash balance transfer should be completed

before the deadline. The exact due date (until when you can transfer your
Nexon Cash balance) will be announced separately later on.
- MapleStory Europe Team -

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