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1 BirdBee's APPLICATION on Wed Jul 20, 2016 12:44 am


In Real Life related:

What's your name?
My name is Jeonghyun (really difficult to pronunciate it... I know so you guys can call me JH)
What's your age?
Ill be 17years in 2month so Im 16 at the moment
Where do you live?
Im living in Barcelona!!(Spain)
InGame Related:

Have you read our guild rules and understand them?
How did you find out about Fascination?
I saw it at the Forum.
What is your main characters IGN?
What are your mules character IGNs?
puff I got a lot of them by links but one of the characters that I played the most is Xenixs and Dualnixs
How long have you played maplestory?
hm.. since the beginning so it would be like 10years more or less
What is your maplestory background?
Well I played ALOT until 2015, after that at January or February I stopped because it was getting a bit boring and then came back at july 2015 and played only 1month because I hadnt got time to play. And now im coming back to Maple because it got more interesting.
What is your guild history? 
I was at Exiles but left because the Master was inactive and others members that i got well left the guild so I didnt feel like being in that Guild. After there I joined Anonymous but I decided to leave because I didnt feel comfortable there... And then joined Annihilation because the leader was one of who that i got well in Exiles but I left because of inactivity.
Had any past problems with Nexon and when was it? (example banned/chatbanned)
What is your opinion on hackers and dupers?
That they are people that has no life....
What are your future maplestory goals?
Reaching 250! Being able to kill bosses solo!!!
How do you make mesos?
I made mesos selling stuffs that i got by crafting and looting items in bosses but I dont know how to make mesos now...
Do you know what and what not to buy in the Free Market?
Duped items? Im not really sure
Extra Questions:

Anything else you think we should know about you?
Im from South Korea that is living in Spain for 8-9years
Other games that I play apart of Maple is League of Legends and Overwatch.
Im not that really good with english but I can make an effort.
Also im not really that talkative. 
And.... I dont know what to write more. You can always ask me things if you got an question
Anything else you would like to share with us?
Ehm.. I like going bosses but Im not that really good with technics at bosses and got a really bad DMG.
And... I like HAMBURGERS!
What will you do if you get accepted?
I would help people if i can help them with all my POWER!
What can you contribute towards the guild?
Ehm.. Happyness!

2 Re: BirdBee's APPLICATION on Wed Jul 20, 2016 3:18 pm


Hello JH and welcome to the forum, please when maplestory is availible again meet and talk with us in chief stans house ch 1 (top right portal in henesys) Smile

Rules and Information about Fascination:

Helpful Sections of the forum:

Need help? Dont hesitate to send me a PM:


3 Re: BirdBee's APPLICATION on Thu Jul 21, 2016 10:44 pm


2nd Advancement
2nd Advancement
Invited on trial~


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