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Application from a blazingsun member from aow

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1 Application from a blazingsun member from aow on Mon Jul 04, 2016 3:52 pm


Hello there Fascination. My name is Erlend and I come from Norway. I am 16 year old boy that wanna join you guys.
First if any ask, yes I read all the rules which I agree with. 
Now while I have actually wanted to get into a guild. I asked if any would pm me with an megaphone. With that one off your guildies SnowBroo sent me a link to this website. Btw good info from him.

else my main is currently Bluedrapio but I have other characters which I on as well. 
But I play on other characters as well but not as often. 
This is the list:
Drapiono (I hate that name btw xD)

How long I have been playing Maplestory is for about 6 years. But with a ton of breaks and my old mains account deleted 3 years ago. 
My maplestory background comes in that my friend showed me this game back then, and I didn't fall in love with this game untill after big bang. The highest character I have had was an evan Named Embravan which was at 193 or something like that. I have had a ton of breaks from this game though. But my love for maple has always been here.

Now when it comes down to my guild history, I have had a bad history actually, while I was still on embravan I was in quite a number of guilds. One of them were mizuni, which is the only guild I can remember. Other then that the past is nothing to go into. Though I used to have a number of buddies around me though and even back then I was known for how much I helped others. Which I still do today though. If people ask for help, I help them (depends though on what it is). 

Now I have actually never been banned from the chat in ms. Neither have i gotten any warning.

That aside though. I don't like hackers or dupers, Since they are just trying to make the game worse for someone else.
Other then that. I just think they should be taken out right away.

What my future goal is hm? Well getting my main here up to 200 during this year is something I want to meet and go further i dont know hehe. I also wanna make it way nicer and better. Though been an aow player as well. But we will see how I go with it.

I make mesos from getting those cubic blades and armour which I turn in for supperior crystals. 
Else, not really a money machine, Just take it as I go but I dont steal just to let you guys know.

Ehm, I normaly dont go to Fm and buy much, only if there are things I need that I buy them but else, I haven't had any knowlegde on that for a while now. By the way if you wonder how many mills i have now. Well is 5 mill a lot for you? xD

extra info:
I wanna let you guys know that I am actually a sorta streamer xD under the Name of BrineEgde on Twitch. ( i stream for fun btw xD)
else than that no. I am known for been an very nice guy from aow (age of wushu) 

What I can contribute with been with you guys is a ton off humor and respect. I also can help out with bosses (although I am weak xD) and yeah.

Have a good mapling 

Best regards Erlend Smile


2nd Advancement
2nd Advancement
Welcome to the forum Erlend, already had a chat with you so I will invite you on trial~


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