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1 KMST 5TH JOB!!! on Sun Jun 26, 2016 3:28 pm


Magnus Special One
Magnus Special One
The 5th job is officially coming here!!!

KMST ver. 1.2.035 – 5TH JOB!!

June 26, 2016 Max Leave a comment Go to comments

You read that title right. It’s here. It was just shown off a few hours ago at the Hi-Five conference and now it’s available on the test servers!!

Fast Growth
The experience required to level up for all levels 200 and lower has been greatly decreased.
The damage cap has been removed, to allow infinite growth.

  • Existing characters’ skills that increase the damage cap have been removed or changed. The skill changes are as follows:

    • Archmage (F/P)’s Mist Eruption – Limit Canceller has been changed into Mist Eruption – Reinforce.
    • Marksman’s Sniping – Limit Canceller has been changed into Sniping – Boss Killer.
    • Shadower’s Assassinate – Limit Canceller has been changed into Assassinate – Ignore Guard.
    • Angelic Burster’s Finitura Fettuccia – Mxed Reinforce has been changed into Finitura Fettuccia – Enhance.

Battle related formulas have been reorganized.

  • Skill damage (damage range) has been reorganized.

    • In the detailed stats UI, your skill damage (damage range) will now be able to go up to 99,999,999.
    • In the detailed stats UI, you will be able to see a breakdown of your damage, boss damage, and final damage. Your final damage will now be included in your skill damage (damage range).

  • Critical damage has been reorganized.

    • Minimum and maximum critical damage have been combined into critical damage. Characters’ skills, abilities, character cards, equipment, equipment’s potential and additional options  have been changed accordingly.
    • In the detailed stats UI, minimum and maximum critical damage have been removed and have ben replaced with critical damage.
    • Critical damage increases both your minimum and maximum critical damage.
    • Angelic Burster’s Soul Gaze can now be used together with Sharp Eyes.

  • Status resistance has been reorganized.

    • Status resistance has been changed from allowing immunity to status effects to reducing the duration of status effects.
    • Maximum status resistance has been increased to 999. Monsters’ ability to ignore status resistance has been removed.
    • Some monster skills that had excessively long status effect durations have been reduced.

  • Stance has been reorganized.

    • Boss monsters’ attacks will now apply only half of your Stance rate.
    • Monsters’ ability to ignore Stance rate has been removed.
    • While hitting boss monsters, your entire Stance rate will apply.
    • Attacks that do not knock back have not been changed.

  • Defense has been reorganized.

    • Physical defense has been renamed to defense.
    • The maximum defense limit has been increased to 99,999.
    • The hit damage calculation formula has been changed so that characters with low defense will take less damage than before while characters with high defense will take more damage than before.
    • Magic defense has been removed and monsters’ attacks’ magical properties have been removed. Characters’ skills, abilities, character cards, equipment, equipment’s potential and additional options have been removed or changed to other stats.
    • In the detailed stats UI, magic defense has been removed.

  • Hit-rate related logic has been reorganized.

    • Hit rate, accuracy, and avoid have been removed. Characters’ skills, abilities, character cards, equipment, equipment’s potential and additional options have been removed or changed to other stats.
    • Evasion rate will work the same, but characters’ skills, abilities, character cards, equipment, equipment’s potential and additional options have been removed or changed to other stats.
    • Hit rate depending on the difference between levels of the monster and your character has been removed. Now, your damage will be reduced by the same ratio.
    • In the detailed stats UI, physical accuracy, magic accuracy, physical avoid, and magic avoid have been removed.

  • Monster drop rates based on the difference in level have been reorganized.

    • You will now gain more experience from monsters close to your character’s level.
    • When fighting monsters a certain level higher than your character or a certain level lower than your character, the experience, mesos and item drops you will receive will be decreased in proportion to the level difference.
    • This does not apply to bosses.

  • Invincibility skills have been reorganized.

    • Certain monster skills that could ignore invincibility will no longer be able to do so.

  • Monster bind related skills have been reorganized.

    • Most monsters that could resist bind skills can no longer do so, but monsters’ resistance to binds’ duration has been increased.
    • Bind skills’ base durations have been decreased but in proportion to the damage you do, their durations will be increased up to a maximum of +100%.
    • Certain bind skills will now do damage after they bind an enemy.

      • Archmage (I/L)’s Freezing Breath
      • EunWol’s Bind Area

    • Certain bind skills’ damage have been increased.

      • Demon Slayer’s Dark Bind
      • Demon Avenger’s Bloody Imprison

  • Demon Avenger’s stats have been reorganized.

    • HP from leveling up, advancing, investing AP, and equipment has been reduced to 50% but each point of HP wil now increase your skill damage (damage range) by 2x as much.
    • Inner Strength’s HP boost has been decreased.
    • High Efficiency’s effects have been decreased but they now apply to Elixirs and Power Elixirs.

Arcane River: Road of Vanishing
The new area Road of Vanishing has been added.

  • The first gateway to the Black Mage, a place where everything has withered away, the adventure through the Road of Vanishing begins.
  • By completing the 5th job advancement to stop the Black Mage, find yourself facing the Door to the Present which leads to the Arcane River.
  • The first area through the door is the Road of Vanishing. Here you’ll find the monk who lost his memory, Kao, and together, you will overcome many obstacles.
  • In the Road of Vanishing’s Arcane Force maps, you’ll find strong monsters which will require you to acquire a new strength to pass. In addition, Arcane Force maps’ monsters will give more experience than regular monsters of the same level.
  • After completing the main quests in Road of Vanishing, you can acquire the ability to grow your Arcane Symbol. Afterwards, you can complete daily quests to uprade it further.

New maps have been added.

  • Nameless Town
  • Road to Vanishing Entrance
  • Lakeside
  • Lake of Oblivion
  • Land of Weathered Joy
  • Land of Weathered Joy and Rage
  • Land of Weathered Rage
  • Land of Weathered Sorrow
  • Land of Weathered Sorrow and Fun
  • Land of Weathered Fun
  • Mirage Cliff
  • Lakeside
  • Flame Area Cliff
  • Territory of Rock
  • Territory of Rock and Flame
  • Territory of Flame
  • Territory of Flame and Soul
  • Territory of Soul
  • Cave Entrance
  • Three-Path Road 1
  • Cave’s West Road 1
  • Cave’s West Road 2
  • Cave’s East Road 1
  • Cave’s East Road 2
  • Three-Path Road 2
  • Lower Cave
  • Upper Cave
  • Cave’s Inner Depths
  • Choice-Path Road
  • Arma’s Lair
  • Cave Exit
  • Fog Falls

New quests have been added.
New daily quests have been added.
New items have been added.
New NPCs have been added.

  • Rhinne
  • Kao
  • Legaton
  • Kima
  • Largo
  • Lento
  • Molto
  • Poco
  • Flame
  • Slough
  • Lona

UI Changes
The main UI has been reorganized.

  • The design has been changed to be more open, with convenient access to the menu button.

    • Duplicate buttons have been cleaned up and certain categorizations were adjusted to make finding the menu you want more intuitive.
    • Some features that were only available through keyboard shortcuts have been added to the menu.

      • Daily Gift
      • Medals
      • Monster Collection

  • Instead of the menu buttons, the quickslot area has been expanded and allows more customization.
  • With the status information window’s location changes, it is easier to understand a character’s energy resource and experience.

    • The character status window has been moved to the middle of the screen.
    • The experience bar’s length and location have been adjusted.

  • The chatting window has been resized and a battle tab has been added.

    • The minimized chatting window has been made smaler.
    • The chatting window can now be resized vertically and horizontally.
    • You will now be able to see information from the lower right corner of the screen including mesos and experience obtained in the chatting window’s battle tab.

The options UI has been reorganized.

  • New tabs have been added which allows you to find the options you want to change more easily.
  • An option to turn the Soul Weapon window on/off has been added.
  • In the Game Options, you can now change your Quickslot settings.

The keyboard settings UI has been reorganized.

  • Hotkeys have been categorized into basic actions/character/dialogue/contents and will now be colour coded to make them easier to distinguish.
  • A Channel Change keyboard shortcut has been added.
  • The keyboard shortcut storage slots have been increased to 14.

The left side of the screen icons have been fixed.

  • The Contents button has been removed, and certain repeatable tips and quests have been removed as well.

    • The Cross Hunter UI can be opened using a keyboard shortcut.
    • The Daily Gift and Event List are available through the menu area’s Events button.
    • Evolving System, Root Abyss, Black Heaven, and Heroes of Maple are available through the Dimensional Mirror.

  • The ‘new’ contents icon mark image has been changed to be more obvious.
  • The numbers that were displayed next to each icon have been removed.

The Maple Tutorial button below the minimap has been removed.

  • You can open the Tutorial UI using a keyboard shortcut.

Spring! Spring! Project!
By listening to the voices of Maplers, we have made some changes to certain content that will be ready to release for this summer!
The Auction House has been improved.

  • You can now bundle individual purchases.
  • The Premium Auction Ticket feature is now available for free.
  • Star Force and level 160 equipment have been added to the search options.
  • When using the Quick Search, certain items wil now be able to be searched.
  • You can now search the Cash cetegory for Cash equipment.
  • Search capabilities have been added to bring additional search results.
  • Premium Masterpiece created items can now be traded in the Auction House.

The maximum number of item slots (Equip/Use/Set-up/Etc/Storage) has been increased to 128.
You will no longer lose experience in certain boss battles.

  • Easy/Normal Arkarium
  • Hard Hilla

Additional options will now be shown separately from regular options in an equipment’s tooltip.
Zero will now be able to grow Lapis/Lazuli 7 into Lapis/Lazuli 8 using Absolabs Coins when they reach level 180.
Zakum will now spawn more smoothly.
The following contents’ upper level limits have been removed.

  • Tangyoon’s Cooking Class
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Chryse
  • Nett’s Pyramid
  • Dimensional Crack
  • Pirate Davy Jones
  • Devil Balrog

Game Related
The number of daily quests you can get in Mechanical Grave and Fallen World Tree have been increased.
The number of items required to trade in for Absolabs Coins and Stigma Coins have been decreased.
You can no longer access Monster Arena in PC Rooms.
Skill Related
For skills that give additional experience, the experience formula has been adjusted.
Monsters will no longer resist EunWol’s Soul Division for a certain period of time after being attacked.
Kinesis’ Psychic Force 1~3’s DoT damage now ???.
Angelic Burster’s Pink Scud movement speed has been slowed down.
Item Related
5th job advancement related items have ben added.

  • Advancement item: Maple World’s Arcane Stone (Lv. 200)
  • Advancement item: Grandis’ Arcane Stone (Lv. 200)
  • Advancement item: Masteria’s Arcane Stone (Lv. 200)
  • Advancement reward item: Maple World Goddess’ Experience Potion (Lv. 200)
  • Advancement reward item: Grandis Goddess’ Experience Potion (Lv. 200)
  • Advancement reward item: Masteria Goddess’ Experience Potion (Lv. 200)

New Android Heart related items have been added.

  • Equipment: Black Heart (Lv. 120)
  • Etc: Damaged Black Heart

NPC Related
5th job advancement related NPCs have been added.

  • Horizon

    • Airda’s Stream
    • Maple World’s Goddess
    • Grandis’ Goddess
    • Masteria’s Goddess

NPCs Rebecca and Matilda have gone a long trip without any notice. Their empty seats are scheduled to be replaced with a new face sometime in the future.
Quest Related
New daily quests have been added to Mechanical Grave and Fallen World Tree.
5th Job Advancement
The 5th job advancement system has been added.

  • Characters can begin the 5th job advancement quests in the Temple of Time at level 200.
  • The goal of the 5th job advancement system and 5th job skills are the following:

    • To not radically change the existing battle patterns.
    • To add new battle experiences.
    • To continue to grow stronger.

  • We have created a foundation that meets the three conditions above, and through future updates, new skills, equipment, systems, and content will continue to be added.

The 5th job skill system V Matrix has been added.

  • You can install V Cores to acquire new skills and enhance existing ones.
  • V Cores are split into 3 types: Skill Cores, Enhancement Cores, and Special Cores.

    • Skill Core: if installed, you can acquire new skills
    • Enhancement Core: if installed, you can enhance existing skills
    • Special Core: only one can be installd, but if you satisfy its conditions you can get special abilities

  • You can take your Skill Cores and Enhancement Cores to the Arcane River area’s town to the NPC Achelle and combine the same types of V Cores to enhance them.
  • You can acquire V Cores by using Core Gemstones. Core Gemstones can be acquired through various content and field battles.
  • V Cores must meet certain conditions before they can be installed into a V Matrix slot. (in the test server, there will be no such conditions for easier testing)

The new equipment system Arcane Symbol has been added.

  • Through content in the new area Arcane River, you can raise your character’s main stats and Arcane Force stat.
  • Arcane Force is required in the Arcane River area for various activities. If it is low, you will be disadvantaged but if it is high, you will receive benefits.
  • You can get different kinds of Arcane Symbols in each of the Arcane River’s areas, and you can combine Arcane Symbols of the same kind in order to grow them.
  • Grown Arcane Symbols can be installed to increase your Arcane Force and main stat.

New skills that can be acquired by installing Skill Cores have been added.

  • Warriors

    • Aura Weapon: Infuse your life with your weapons to enhance its strength.

  • Hero

    • Sword of Burning Soul: Create a sword of burning soul to fight with you.

  • Paladin

    • Holy Unity: Bind you and your allies with your holy power.

  • Dark Knight

    • Dark Spear: Attack enemies with a spear holding the power of darkness.

  • Mikhail

    • Rho Aias: Protect your allies from enemy attacks using your shield.

  • Soul Master

    • Celestial Dance: Unleash the power of the sun and the moon at the same time.

  • Aran

    • Install Maha: Exert the original power of the polearm Maha.

  • Demon Slayer:

    • Demon Awakening: Awaken the true power of a Demon.

  • Demon Avenger

    • Demon Frenzy: Burn your own body to receive the power to take endless revenge. 

  • Blaster

    • Bunker Buster: Use your Revolving Cannon on enemies with special armor piercing bullets.

  • Kaiser

    • Guardian of Nova: Summon the spirits of the ancient Kaisers to fight with you.

  • Zero

    • Limit Break: Freeze time and breakthrough its limits. While time is frozen, you cannot die and enemies will take all damage taken while frozen at once when it starts again.

  • Magicians

    • Overload Mana: By overloading the mana flowing through your body, increase the power of your attacks.

  • Archmage (F/P)

    • DoT Finisher: Summon fireballs from another dimension that follow enemies. The number of fireballs summoned is proportional to the stacks of damage over time of enemies.

  • Archmage (I/L)

    • Ice Age: Using an ancient glacier, cover the world in ice.

  • Bishop

    • Pray: Through prayer, create a sacred blessing area.

  • Flame Wizard

    • Blazing Orbital Flame: Shoot a huge flame in front of you that returns after a certain distance.

  • Evan

    • Elemental Blast: Use powerful consecutive magic spells of different elements.

  • Luminous

    • Door of Truth: Summon the door of truth, beyond light and darkness. The door extinguishes surrounding enemies with the light of truth.

  • Battle Mage

    • Union Aura: The power of all your Auras and the Reaper join together.

  • Kinesis

    • Psychic Tornado: With liberated telekinesis, create a whirlwind that gathers nearby ojects around yourself.

  • Archers

    • Guided Arrow: Summon spirit arrows that track and attack nearby enemies.

  • Bowmaster

    • Arrow Rain: Shoot sharp arrows that rain from the sky.

  • Marksman

    • True Sniping: Accurately snipe enemies in your sights.

  • Wind Breaker

    • Howling Gale: Summon a ferocious gust to punish enemies.

  • Mercedes

    • Elemental Ghost: Afterimages, like the aura of a spirit, attack enemies after you attack.

  • Wild Hunter

    • Jaguar Storm: Call a herd of jaguars with the cry of your soul.

  • Thieves

    • Venom Burst: Poisoned enemies will explode, dealing damage and transferring poison to nearby enemies.

  • Night Lord

    • Spread Throw: For a certain period of time, stars are scattered in several directions.

  • Shadower

    • Shadow Assault: Instantly approach and cut down enemies.

  • Dual Blade

    • Blade Storm: Cut down enemies in front of you with the speed of a storm.

  • Night Walker

    • Shadow Spear: Shadow spears pierce through the ground and attack enemies.

  • Phantom

    • Joker: After many cards are thrown, try your luck with 1 last card.

  • Xenon

    • Mega Smasher: Collect energy to fire a powerful beam.

  • Pirates

    • Loaded Dice: When you roll Lucky Dice, you can throw one more dice to get what you want. For jobs without Lucky Dice, they will be able to use Lucky Dice and roll 1 die.

  • Viper

    • Transform: Transform into a superhuman with super strength.

  • Captain

    • Bullet Party: Fire your gun in all directions around you.

  • Cannon Shooter

    • BF Cannonball: Fire a gigantic cannonball.

  • Striker

    • Thunder God Unity: Annihilate a single enemy with lightning.

  • EunWol

    • Spirit Focus: Collect the power of all of your spirits in your body.

  • Mechanic

    • Multiple Option: M-FL: Summon an attack robot that uses a gatling gun and missiles.

  • Angelic Burster

    • Energy Burst: Summon a burst of energy containing unknown power.

  • All Jobs

    • Rope Connect: Throw a rope into the sky and move upwards quickly.
    • Blink: Teleport to a random location on the map.
    • Airda Nova: Collect Airda from around you and attack enemies. Enemies hit will be binded.

Special Cores with special conditions have been added.

  • Accumulated Power: Your damage is increased for a certain amount of time whenever you defeat a certain number of enemies.
  • Deadly Strike: Your critical rate is increased for a certain amount of time whenever you deal a certain number of hits.
  • Armor Smash: Your defense ignore is increased whenever you hit a single monster a certain number of times.
  • Automatic Recovery: Your HP is healed whenever you use a skill after a certain period of time.
  • Continuous Strike: Your critical damage is increased whenever you achieve a certain number of Combo Kills.
  • Rune’s Blessing: You become invincible for a certain period of time whenever you use a Rune.
  • Overcoming Experience: Your experience acquired is increased for a certain period of time whenever you get hit a certain number of times.
  • Come Back: Your skill cooldowns are decreased whenever you die.
  • Boss Slayer: Your boss damage is increased at a certain rate whenever you are attacking.

Enhancement Cores that enhance existing skills’ damage have been added. In the test server, 1 Enhancement Core affects 1 skill, but in the future, 1 Enhancement Core will affect many skills.

  • Hero

    • Final Attack Enhancement
    • Brandish Enhancement
    • Combo Force Enhancement
    • Brave Slash Enhancement
    • Rush Enhancement
    • Panic Enhancement
    • Shout Enhancement
    • Raging Blow Enhancement
    • Incising Enhancement
    • Rage Uprising Enhancement

  • Paladin

    • Final Attack Enhancement
    • Flame Charge Enhancement
    • Blizzard Charge Enhancement
    • Page Order Enhancement
    • Lightning Charge Enhancement
    • Rush Enhancement
    • Divine Charge Enhancement
    • Blast Enhancement
    • Sanctuary Enhancement
    • Smite Enhancement

  • Dark Knight

    • Final Attack Enhancement
    • Piercing Through Enhancement
    • Spear Pulling Enhancement
    • Lamancha Spear Enhancement
    • Rush Enhancement
    • Beholder Enhancement
    • Dark Impage Enhancement
    • Gungnir Descent Enhancement
    • Dark Synthesis Enhancement

  • TO BE CONTINUED (because I’m falling asleep at my computer), this is the last part of the patch notes and it isn’t that interesting, just existing skills that can be enhanced

Source: https://orangemushroom.net/2016/06/26/kmst-ver-1-2-035-5th-job/

2 Re: KMST 5TH JOB!!! on Sun Jun 26, 2016 5:27 pm


Can't wait.

3 Re: KMST 5TH JOB!!! on Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:09 pm



4 Re: KMST 5TH JOB!!! on Wed Jul 20, 2016 2:14 am


Magnus Special One
Magnus Special One
kms 5th job:

Fast lotus kill i bet they can take down hard lotus.

5 Re: KMST 5TH JOB!!! on Wed Aug 10, 2016 3:05 am


Magnus Special One
Magnus Special One

6 Re: KMST 5TH JOB!!! on Thu Aug 11, 2016 10:44 pm


Magnus Special One
Magnus Special One
Lucid boss released in kmst:

Op asfu

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