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V.117 Events Part 1

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1 V.117 Events Part 1 on Wed May 25, 2016 2:38 pm


Hello Maplers,

The v.117 update has arrived; various new events will be starting!

You can see an overview below of which events will start between
the 25th of May and the 1st of June!

1. Kinesis Level Up Support
2. Big Bullies Attendance Check Season 1
3. Zakum Rework Event
4. Pepe Coin Shop
5. 9th Anniversary Hot Day
6. Beauty? Coupon! Event

1. Kinesis Level Up Support
Period: 25th of May - 19th of July

Level up your Kinesis and be rewarded! 
You will receive various rewards for reaching level 30, 50, 70, and 90!

2. Big Bullies attendance check season 1
Period: 25th of May - 7th of June

You will be rewarded for helping out Teeny White Monkey on a daily basis!

3. Zakum Rework Event
Period: 25th of May - 14th of June

It is time to challenge Zakum! Defeat Zakum 50 times to be rewarded!

Not only that, Zakum has a chance to drop Zakum's Special Lucky Ticket,
which gives various rewards including Maple Points!

*Maple points can be received once per account throughout the event period.

4. Pepe Coin Shop
Period: 25th of May - 26th of July

Pepe’s Ice Chest will be dropping throughout Maple World.
You can trade the Pepe Coins in at Pepe’s Shop,
which is located in the Event Hall.

5. 9th Anniversary Hot Day
Date: 30th of May 00:01 CEST - 23:59 CEST

It is Maplestory Europe’s 9th birthday this week, time for a party!

Make sure to log in on May 30th to receive various gifts!

6. Beauty? Coupon! Event
Period: 1st - 15th of June 

Looking to change up your style? Participate in the Special Beauty? Coupon! event to receive a new look!

Monsters throughout the Maple World are dropping Special Beauty Coupons.
All you have to do is hunt monsters within your level range
(10 levels below and 20 levels above), and then grab the coupons they drop. 

Use the coupons to change your hair, face, and skin to a random style. These changes are permanent,

so use with caution or play it safe and save your current style in the Beauty Salon!
Time to grab a coupon and spin the wheel of beauty!

Happy Mapling!

- MapleStory Europe Team -

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