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Weekly Special Deals!

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1 Weekly Special Deals! on Wed May 04, 2016 11:01 am


Hi Maplers,

Check out what we have in store for you below!

1. Reset Scrolls!
2. Selective Miracle Cubes
3. Hammer Time!
4. Scrolling Sales!
5. Royal Styles in May!
6. Convenience Sales
7. Capsule Toy Update

8. [Extended]Permanent Pets and their equipment!
9. [Extended]Dark Clothing Items!

Ongoing Sales

1. Reset Scrolls!
Period: 04.05.2016 – 18.05.2016

The full AP and SP reset scrolls are back for a short period of time!

SP Reset Scroll

Price: 9,800 NX – 6,800 NX
This item can be exchanged with other users one time before use,
if purchased with Nexon Cash (NX).

AP Reset Scroll

Price: 14,800 NX – 10,300 NX
This item can be exchanged with other users one time before use,
if purchased with Nexon Cash (NX).

2. Selective Miracle Cubes!
Period: 04.05.2016 – 11.05.2016

It’s been a while but they are back!

What are we talking about?
The Selective Miracle Cubes of course! 

These special cubes will only be here for a week though…
so take advantage before they’re gone. 

Selective Miracle Cube (1) 

Price: 5,000 NX
This item is not tradable.

Selective Miracle Cube (11) 

Price: 50,000 NX
This item is not tradable.

Selective Miracle Cube Stone

Price: 1,000 NX
This item is not tradable.

Why are these cubes so special?
Well, because the Selective Miracle Cube will only reward
the stats shown in the option UI on your screen.

If the current stats shown in the options window
are not to your liking, you can use the
Selective Miracle Cube Stone to reconfigure
the possible stats in the Option List!

3. Hammer Time! 
Period: 04.05.2016 – 11.05.2016

Vicious' Hammer

This item increases the available upgrade slots by 1.
The vicious hammer can be used a maximum of twice per equipment item.
Please note that the vicious hammer cannot be used on all types of equipment.
This item is temporarily discounted by 50%!
Vicious' Hammer (1) Price: 4,900 NX – 2,450 NX
Vicious' Hammer (2) Price: 8,500 NX – 4,250 NX
Vicious' Hammer (3) Price: 14,700 NX – 8,500 NX
This item can be traded one time before use, if purchased with Nexon Cash (NX).

4. Scrolling Sales!
Period: 04.05.2016 – 11.05.2016

These items are up for grabs with a 50% discount!
The perfect chance to scroll that precious equipment!

Shielding Ward

Price: 15,000 NX – 7,500 NX
Prevents an item from being destroyed by scrolls.
[1 time use]

Shield Scroll

Price: 3,500 NX – 1,750 NX
Prevents an item from having its upgrade slots deducted in case a scroll fails.
[1 time use]

Perfect Innocence Scroll

Price: 9,900 NX – 4,950 NX
Restores all slots and extra stats the item has,
returning it completely to its original state.
- Resets the slots used.
- Resets item growth (if the item has levels).
- Resets Hammer Slots.
- Resets Enhancements Applied.
- Does not reset Potential.
[1 time use]

Guardian Scroll

Price: 3,000 NX – 1,500 NX
Protects the scroll you use. If the scroll fails, you will be able to keep it.
[1 time use]

Superior Shielding Ward

Price: 9,900 NX – 4,950 NX
Use this scroll to make sure that your Superior item will not be destroyed by
a failed scroll. Can only be used on items marked as ‘Superior’ in their description.
This item cannot be used on items that have been enhanced 7 or more times.
[1 time use]

Return Scroll

Price: 8,900 NX – 4,450 NX
Allows you to decide whether you want to keep the new stats or revert back to the old stats.
Very useful when upgrading items with an uncertain outcome.
Perfect if you’re scrolling items with Chaos Scrolls!
In case a scroll fails, the slot will be protected and not deducted, similar to the Shield Scroll.
However, this scroll does not prevent an item from blowing up by a failed scroll!
[1 time use]

5. Royal Styles in May!
Period: 04.05.2016 – 18.05.2016

New Hair and Face Styles have arrived! 

This time, ONLY the Hair and Face Styles shown below
can be obtained from the Royal Hair & Face Coupons. 
No other Hair / Face Styles will be obtainable.

Royal Face Coupon

Price: 5,700 NX

Royal Hair Coupon

Price: 5,700 NX

6. Convenience Sales!
Period: 02.03.2016 – 16.03.2016

Blackboard (1 day)

Price: 1,000 NX – 650 NX
Can be used to display a message.

Chalkboard (7 days)

Price: 6,000 NX – 4,000 NX
Can be used to display a message.

Hyper Teleport Rock

Price: 1,400 NX – 900 NX
This Rock allows you to teleport to (almost) every map instantly!
The Hyper Teleport Rock can be gifted to other Maplers.

Buff Freezer

Price: 200 NX – 125 NX
The Buff Freezer allows you to save your buffs when you are defeated,
which is super useful when battling evil clowns or other difficult bosses.
The Buff Freezer can be gifted to other Maplers.

7. Capsule Toy Update!
Period: 04.05.2016 – 18.05.2016

To use the Capsule Toy Machine, you have to go to the special Capsule Toy Machine Map,
full of Capsule Toy Machines from places all around Maple World!
Keep in mind that you cannot drop any items in this map,
so make sure to have plenty of space in your inventory.

You can go to this map via Quick Move -> Dimensional Mirror -> Capsule Toy.
You can use any of the machines in the Capsule Toy Map, all you need is a ticket.
You can purchase tickets individually, or in a bundle!

Capsule Toy Ticket (1)

Price: 1,000 NX
Can be exchanged with other users one time before use, if purchased with Nexon Cash (NX).

Capsule Toy Ticket (5)

Price: 4,700 NX
Can be exchanged with other users one time before use, if purchased with Nexon Cash (NX).

Capsule Toy Ticket (11)

Price: 10,000 NX
Can be exchanged with other users one time before use, if purchased with Nexon Cash (NX).

Preview of a couple of items now always
available from the Capsule Toy Machine:

From 4th May to 18th May,
you can receive the following items from the Capsule Toy Machine:

Dragon Tail Thanatos
Shark Tooth Shoul Drinker
Lionheart Painful Destiny
Lionheart Cutlass
Timesplitter One-handed Axe
Lionheart Battle Hammer
Raven Horn Baselard
Raven Horn Shadow Katara
Raven Horn Crimson Cane
Dragon Tail Arc Wand
Dragon Tail War Staff
Lionheart Red King
Dragon Tail Fan
Lionheart Battle Scimitar
Lionheart Battle Axe
Lionheart Blast Maul
Lionheart Fuscina
Lionheart Partisan
Falcon Wing Composite Bow
Falcon Wing Heavy Crossbow
Raven Horn Metal Fist
Shark Tooth Wild Talon
Shark Tooth Sharpshooter
Falcon Wing Dual Bowguns
Shark Tooth Supernova
Shark Tooth Queen's Falling
Raven Horn Queen's Falling
Lionheart Battle Helm
Dragon Tail Mage Sallet

8. [Extended]Permanent Pets and their equipment!
Period: 27.04.2016 – 11.05.2016

Fennec Fox

Price: 8,900 NX
Duration: Permanent

Lil Moonbeam

Price: 8,900 NX
Duration: Permanent

Persian Cat

Price: 8,900 NX
Duration: Permanent

Starry Muffler
Price: 3,600 NX
Duration: Permanent

Lil Moonbeam's Hairband

Price: 3,600 NX
Duration: Permanent


Price: 3,600 NX
Duration: Permanent

9. [Extended]Dark Clothing Items!
Period: 20.04.2016 – 11.05.2016

You can find various different and permanent dark clothing items in the cash shop this week!
We have seen your feedback on the forum and will have the following items available in the cash shop for two whole weeks:

Price: 3,400 NX
Item Duration: Permanent


Ongoing Sales

1. Spring Styles!
Period: 27.04.2016 – 11.05.2016

The Premium Style Box is filled with Spring-themed clothing items!
A total of 100 different clothing items can be obtained.

Premium Style Box

Price: 3,400 NX
Item Duration: Permanent

Premium Style Box (11)

Price: 34,000 NX
Item Duration: Permanent

All style items obtainable from this random box are tradable.
In total, you can receive 100 different style items from this random box!
Here’s a preview of some of the items you can receive:

2. Damage Skins!
Period: 27.04.2016 – 11.05.2016

Damage Skin Random Box

Price: 7,000 NX - 5,000 NX
Damage Skin Duration: Permanent
All damage Skins obtainable from this random box are tradable.
The Damage Skin Random Box can be gifted to other Maplers. 
A total of 5 different Damage Skins are available from the Damage Skin Random Box!

*Cherry Blossoms Damage Skin can not be used by the Zero class. 

3. Wings!
Period: 27.04.2016 – 11.05.2016

Wing Random Box

Price: 4,500 NX
Cape Duration: Permanent
All capes obtainable from this random box are not tradable.
The Wing Random Box can be gifted to other Maplers. 
A total of 6 different capes are available from the Wing Random Box!

Here’s a preview of 3 of the capes that you can obtain:

4. Anvil Sale!
Period: 27.04.2016 – 11.05.2016

Do you have some cool-looking equipment items
that you would just want to wear all the time?

But you also have this stronger yet less good looking equipment...
Hmm, what to do? Well, no worries! We've got you covered. 
Make your equipment look just like the item you want with the Fusion Anvil!

Medal Fusion Anvil

Price: 2,500 NX – 2,000 NX
Available Equipment: Medal

Fusion Anvil

Price: 2,500 NX – 2,000 NX
Available Equipment: Hats, eye accessories, face accessories, tops, bottoms, outfits, shoes,
gloves, capes, weapons, shields, and kataras for a total of 12 types.
Zero weapons cannot be used.

5. Training Discounts!
Period: 27.04.2016 – 11.05.2016

4 Hours 2 x EXP Special Coupon

Price: 1,150 NX – 920 NX

1-Day Special Coupon

Price: 5,700 NX – 4,560 NX

6. Boost your quests!
Period: 27.04.2016 – 11.05.2016

For a limited time, you can now go through all quests with a whopping 2x EXP Quest Booster for less! 

Quest Booster (2x EXP) - 10 days

Price: 2,500 NX – 1,500 NX

Quest Booster (2x EXP) - 30 days

Price: 5,500 NX – 3,900 NX

7. Let it Circulate!
Period: 27.04.2016 – 11.05.2016

The Miracle Circulators are used to reset inner abilities.

Miracle Circulator (1)

Price: 1,900 NX – 1,300 NX

Miracle Circulator (11)

Price: 19,000 NX – 13,000 NX
Happy Mapling!

- MapleStory Europe Team -

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