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Spring Events

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1 Spring Events on Wed Apr 20, 2016 12:14 pm


Hi Maplers,

More events are starting this week! 
We have seen your feedback, and hope you will enjoy the events we've prepared. 

- King’s Day Event
- Burning Character Event
- Kanna open for creation
- Weekend Events (April 23rd / April 24th)
- Hunter’s Club (April 27th)
- Mr. Lee Airlines (April 27th) 
- Cash Item Transfer (May 4th)
- Burning and Fever Time (Weekend)
- Double EXP and DROP (Weekend)

1. King’s Day Event
Period: 20.04.2016 – 04.05.2016

Dutch King's day: Charles's Request

There are 3 types of quests! Let’s play!
Quest 1. Collect tulips by destroying boxes in normal fields.
You can then collect a crown for handing in your tulips!
Quest 2. You will be able to enter the Tulip Map
if you give an Orange Tulip Key to Charles in the Event Map.
You will have completed the quest when you defeat all monsters
and speak to Charles in the Boss Map.
Quest 3. When you hand over the Tulip Key
(which you acquired from the Tulip Map)
and also successfully pass Charles' quiz,
you will be able to head into the Boss Map.
Defeat the boss and you will have completed the quest!

1.1. Orange Park
Period: 20.04.2016 – 04.05.2016

Every 30 minutes, you will receive a request to go to Orange Park.
Complete the quest once to receive a special helmet that will boost your character.
Defeat the boss to and comlete the quest to receive the following items:

- Orange Authority Hat
- Orange Spirit Face Accessory!

Stop the rebel and save King’s Day!

2. Burning Character Event
Period: 20.04.2016 – 11.05.2016

Requirement: Only characters that are lower than Lv. 100 can be set as Burning Characters.
Gain two bonus levels every time you level up!

Select a character in your character selection screen to have the "Burning" ability.
Only one character per account is able to participate.
If a character with the "Burning" ability is deleted,
another character can be chosen as the Burning Character.

Accept the quest 'FIREPOWER Overboost' in the FIREPOWER event notifier
on the left side of the game window.
Zero characters cannot be selected for this event.

The following rewards can be received:
Frozen Equipment Set (Frozen boxes require level 100 to be opened)
Pet Snail: 5 hours of life. This item cannot be revived.

3. Kanna open for creation
Period: 20.04.2016 – 10.05.2016

Kanna will be open for creation for three full weeks!

You can create this class as of 20th April, until 10th May! (23:59 CEST).

4. Weekend Events
Period: 23.04.2016 – 24.04.2016

Multiple weekend events will take place this upcoming weekend: 

- Hot Weekend
- Double Miracle Time
- Double EXP and DROP
Read more: http://en.maplestory.nexoneu.com/article.aspx?idx=13001988

6. Joining the Hunter’s Club
Period: 27.04.2016 – 11.05.2016
Level requirement: 30 and over

Accept the quest ‘Joining the Hunter's Club’ from the star event notifier
on the left side of the game window.

Accept the ‘Hunter's Race’ quest from the star event notifier on
the left side of the game window to be given a random number
of monsters to defeat and a time limit.

You can complete the Hunter's Race mission up to 8 times per day.
Each mission must be completed by 23:59 CEST of the day it is received, or it will disappear.
The daily mission limit resets at midnight every day.

Once each mission is completed, you will receive one random reward.
Rewards include various badges with various stats!

7. Mr. Lee Airlines
Period: 27.04.2016 – 11.05.2016

Requirement: Lv. 13 or above

Mr. Lee’s Airlines has been revamped! Explore new ways to escape from the island.
Help the poor Pirates who are stuck on the island.
Various new quests and experiences await you there!
Accept the quest ‘[Mr. Lee Airlines] Maldoves Vacation.’
You can speak with Mr. Lee in the Event Hall to move to board his plane,

the MR133, to Southern Beach.
The passengers who have crash landed on the deserted island must find Escape tools
in order to escape from the island.

A number of dangerous situations randomly occur during this search.
Once you find your damaged escape vehicle, you must complete the requirements to fix it.
If you die or get off the island but do not properly escape, you will return to the state
before you got on the plane, as if it were a dream.
If you escape successfully and return to Maple World,

you can get compensation for your damage/loss.
These quests are repeatable on a daily basis.

Depending on the escape method used, various mounts can be obtained.

8. Cash Item Transfer Event!
Period: 04.05.2016 – 18.05.2016

For two weeks, all Nexon Cash Items can be traded within the same account!
Simply right-click on the Nexon Cash Item to transfer it to another character.

Please keep in mind that:
- Nexon Cash Items cannot be transferred between servers.
- Items are transferred by slot, so all items in the slot will be moved.
- Items moved are placed in order of purchase.
- Friendship and Couple Rings cannot be transferred.
- Certain packages can only be used by the character who bought them.

9. Burning and Fever Time
Period: 30.04.2016 – 01.05.2016

Event: Burning Time
Date: Saturday 30.04.2016
Time: 16:00 – 20:00 CEST
Event: Burning Time
Date: Sunday 01.05.2016
Time: 16:00 – 20:00 CEST

During the event times, Elite Monsters have twice the chance of appearing!
This is a great chance to hunt for Elite Bosses and their rare drops!

Event: Fever Time
Date: Saturday 30.04.2016
Time: 16:00 – 20:00 CEST
Event: Fever Time
Date: Sunday 01.05.2016
Time: 16:00 – 20:00 CEST

During the event times, the success rate of Spell Traces will be increased!

10. EXP and DROP 
Period: 07.05.2016 – 08.05.2016

There will be Double EXP and DROP on Saturday and Sunday.
The perfect time to level up your characters!

Date: Saturday 07.05.2016
Time: 16:00 - 20:00 CET
What: 2x EXP/DROP event

Date: Sunday 08.05.2016
Time: 16:00 - 20:00 CET
What: 2x EXP/DROP event
2x EXP and DROP cards from the Cash Shop work together with the event!
Please keep in mind that some in-game obtained EXP or DROP cards might not work together with the event.

Happy Mapling!

- MapleStory Europe Team - 

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