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v.116 Events Part 6

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1 v.116 Events Part 6 on Wed Apr 06, 2016 5:49 pm


Hi Maplers, 
Two events started last week, and as promised, more events are starting this week! 
We have seen your feedback in the comments and on the Forum,
and hope you will enjoy the events we've prepared.
- Hot Week
- Star World
- MIB Coin Shop
- Dark Lord of Darkness
- Sylph's Ring - Freud's Journal
- Zero open for creation
- Maple Reward Shop Reset

1. Hot Weeks (2 weeks)
Period: 06.04.2016 - 20.04.2016

MapleStory Europe will be having its third Hot Week event, which lasts for two full weeks!

Get in-game for some great items!

Log in each day with a character Lv. 33 or above, and click the gift box icon
on the left side of your game window to receive the following items:

6th April
Pendant of the Spirit (30 days)

7th April:
Fu An Tiger Pet (30 days)

8th April:
Special Medal of Honors (3)

9th April:
2x EXP Coupons (3)
1000 Reward Points Token

10th April: 
Mastery Book 30
500 Reward Points Token

11th April:
Golden Hammer 100%

12th April:
Equip Tab 8 Slot Coupon

13th April:
Use Tab 8 Slot Coupon

14th April:
Set-Up Tab 8 Slot Coupon 

15th April: 
Etc Tab 8 Slot Coupon

16th April:
Spell trace (300)
1000 Reward Points Token

17th April:
Trait Boost Potion
500 Reward Points Token

18th April:
Epic Potential Scroll 100%

19th April:
Chaos Scroll 60%
2. Star World
 06.04.2016 – 04.05.2016

Reach for the stars in Star World!
This quest can be accepted by all Maplers, level 33 and over.
Accept the quest and move to the shiny Event Map to enter Star World.

Star World has 4 different countries, each ruled by a different king or queen.
You can obtain horoscopes for each country by completing quests.
The goal is to obtain all horoscopes, three horoscopes can be obtained per country.

Each time you help create a horoscope (by completing the quest chain),
you will obtain Star World Coins.
These coins can be used in the event store located within Star World.

The chairs are available for purchase after completing the related quest.
But that’s not all! If you obtain all chairs, you will be able to receive the Andromeda chair and medal!



A daily quest can be completed  in each country to receive bonus Star World Coins.
During these daily quests, you will be able to find random boxes!
This random box contains various items, including:
-Various Trait Items
-Spell Traces
-Cubic Blades
-Star World Coin
*Keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of boxes you can open on a daily basis.

3. MIB Coin Shop
Period: 06.04.2016 - 11.05.2016

The MIB Coin shop is back and located in the Event Hall!
Talk to Agent Chillson to trade in your coins for rewards.
You can hunt monsters within your level range to find MIB Cases.
You can use the MIB Coins obtainable from these cases in the MIB Coin Shop.

*Please keep in mind that all MIB Coins and Cases obtained prior to April 6th have been removed.

4. Dark Lord of Darkness
Period: 06.04.2016 - 27.04.2016 
Requirement: Lv. 13 and above
Please note that the Zero class cannot participate in this event. 
The reason for this is that Zero cannot equip most of the items received. 

During the event period, the following items will drop randomly from monsters in Veracent.

Picking up these items will allow their quests to be accepted from the event notifier.
These quests can be completed once a day.

Worn Doom's Shoulder 
Eliminate 300 monsters in the appropriate level range.
Empty Redeemer's Quiver Belt
Collect 30 Redeemer's Arrows that drop from monsters in the appropriate level range.
You can find these items in Veracent. 
Light Hellia's Key Necklace
Collect 10 Hellia's Keys that drop from monsters in the appropriate level range.
You can find these items in Veracent.
Ordinary Clown's Ring
Keep the ring you receive from the quest in your inventory for 30 minutes to complete this quest.
Dark Lords of Darkness 
Complete all the sub-quests above to complete this quest.
Once a sub-quest is completed, the reward will be an equippable item.
The reward is a Nexon Cash Item with 1-day duration that can be worn on top of other items:

Doom Shoulder: All stats +12, Weapon/Magic Attack +6
Avenger Quiver Belt: All stats +12, Weapon/Magic Attack +6
Hellia Necklace: All stats +12, Weapon/Magic Attack +6
Grin Ring: All stats +12, Weapon/Magic Attack +6
Once all 4 sub-quests are complete, the "Dark Lord of Darkness" quest can be completed.

Rewards for completing the "Dark Lord of Darkness quest:
- Dark Rack
You can open Shadowy Sculptures with the Dark Rack.
You can find Shadowy Sculptures by hunting monsters in Veracent.
The shadowy sculpture can reward the following badges:
Copper Doom Badge: STR +9
Silver Doom Badge: STR +18, ATT/M.ATT +5
Gold Doom Badge: STR +27, ATT/M.ATT +10
Dark Doom Badge: STR +36, ATT/M.ATT +15
Copper Avenger Badge: DEX +9
Silver Avenger Badge: DEX +18, ATT/M.ATT +5
Gold Avenger Badge: DEX +27, ATT/M.ATT +10
Dark Avenger Badge: DEX +36, ATT/M.ATT +15
Copper Hellia Badge: LUK +9
Silver Hellia Badge: LUK +18, ATT/M.ATT +5
Gold Hellia Badge: LUK +27, ATT/M.ATT +10
Dark Hellia Badge: LUK +36, ATT/M.ATT +15
Copper Grin Badge: INT +9
Silver Grin Badge: INT +18, ATT/M.ATT +5
Gold Grin Badge: INT +27, ATT/M.ATT +10
Dark Grin Badge: INT +36, ATT/M.ATT +15

You can purchase a Dark Rack from the Cash Shop to open more Shadowy Sculptures.
5. Sylph's Ring - Freud's Journal 
Period: 06.04.2016 – 27.04.2016

Please keep in mind you can only get one ring once per character.

1. Receive Sylph Ring
Accept the quest "[Freud's Journal] Finding the Ring".
You will automatically be moved to the map after accepting.
The ring and related story can be found there.
The Revealed Sylph Ring cannot be thrown away, but can be sold to stores.
If sold, you cannot acquire the ring again, so be careful.
2. Sylph Ring Growth
The ring's potential cannot be reset
(Awakening Stamps cannot be used to develop the potentials).
If an Item Guard is used on the Sylph Ring,
the ring cannot grow during the time it is sealed.
The Shared Sylph Ring and Growing Sylph Ring can be thrown away,
but you cannot participate in the event if the ring is thrown away.
2-1. Stage Growth - Revealed Shared Sylph Ring
Complete the quest ‘[Freud's Journal] Finding the Ring’.
The Revealed Sylph Ring must be in possession (cannot be repeated).
Accept the quest ‘[Freud's Journal] The Ring's First Step’.
Hunt 999 monsters within your level range. Some monsters do not apply.
Complete the quest with the Revealed Sylph Ring in the Equip Inventory.
(You cannot complete the quest if the ring is equipped).
2-2. Stage Growth - Growing Sylph Ring
Complete the quest ‘[Freud's Journal] The Ring's First Step’.
The Shared Sylph Ring must be in possession (cannot be repeated).
Accept the quest ‘[Freud's Journal] The Ring's Second Step’.
Eliminate 1 Normal Zakum.
Make sure you have the Shared Sylph Ring in the Equip Inventory.
(You cannot complete the quest if the ring is equipped).
3. Sylph Ring Maintenance
Complete the quest ‘[Freud's Journal] Finding the Ring’.
The Revealed Sylph Ring must be equipped.

3-1. Getting to Know the Sylph Ring
Accept the quest '[Freud's Journal] Time with the Ring'
 to acquire the item Closed Magic Pocket Pouch.

Remain in the game for 30 minutes with the Closed Magic Pocket Pouch in your inventory.
The quest is complete when the item changes to an Open Magic Pocket Pouch
after 30 minutes. This quest can be completed multiple times per day.
3-2. Sylph Ring Training
Complete the quest ‘[Freud's Journal] Finding the Ring’.
The Revealed Sylph Ring must be equipped.
Accept the quest '[Freud's Journal] Arnello's Daily Training'.
Select one mission out of five. (The Daily Training missions will reset each Wednesday).
Complete the mission requirement and complete the quest in the quest notifier.
The Sylph Stone can only be used on the Growing Sylph Ring.
 (It cannot be used on Revealed and Shared Sylph Rings).
You cannot use scrolls other than the Sylph Stone on the Growing Sylph Ring.

3-3. Arnello's Weekly Goals
Complete the weekly goal quest from the previous week and equip the Sylph Ring.
 (cannot be repeated). Complete the quest requirements for each week.
6. Zero Class Open for Creation
06.04.2016 - 20.04.2016 

The Zero class will be open for creation for two weeks.

7. Maple Reward Shop Reset 
The Maple Reward Shop Purchase record has been reset. 
Happy Mapling! 
- MapleStory Europe Team -

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