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V.116 Events Part 4

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1 V.116 Events Part 4 on Wed Mar 09, 2016 6:53 pm


Hello Maplers,

New events have arrived, you can find all of the details below!

1. Black Bean Returns! 
2. Shade Class open for creation!
3. Hot Week!
4. Cash Item Transfer Event!
5. Premium Mini Dungeon!
6. Jett Class open for creation!
7. Weekend Events!
8. GM Events!

1. Black Bean Returns!
Period: 09.03.2016 ~ 06.04.2016

Level Requirement: Level 70 and up
Party Requirement: Minimum 1

Black Bean is back! Take on Black Bean solo, or with a party!
You can talk to Agent Poo in the Gold Beach Resort to start the battle.

When defeated, Black Bean might drop various rewards, including:
-Various Potions
-Various Scrolls
-Black Bean Ring
-Black Bean Belt
-Black Bean Shoulder
...And much more!

2. Shade Class open for creation!
Period: 09.03.2016 – 23.03.2016

Shade will be open for creation for two full weeks!

You can create this class as of 9th March,
(after the maintenance) until 23rd March (prior to the maintenance)!

3. Hot Week!
Period: 14.03.2016 – 20.03.2016

MapleStory Europe will be having its second Hot week!

Get in-game for some great items!

Log in each day with a character Lv. 30 or above, and click the gift box icon
on the left side of your game window to receive the following items: 

Monday, March 14th:
Drop Rate 2x Coupon * 3

Tuesday, March 15th:
Chaos Scroll 60%

Wednesday, March 16th:
Unidentified Love Letter * 3
Thursday, March 17th:
Trait Boost Potion

Friday, March 18th:
2x EXP Coupon * 3

Saturday, March 19th:
Spell Trace * 100

Sunday, March 20th:
Clean Slate Scroll 10%
*All rewards are untradeable, 
except for Spell Traces and unidentified Love Letter.

4. Cash Item Transfer Event!
Period: 16.03.2016 – 30.03.2016

For two weeks, all Nexon Cash Items can be traded within the same account!
Simply right-click on the Nexon Cash Item to transfer it to another character.

Please keep in mind that:
- Nexon Cash Items cannot be transferred between servers.
- Items are transferred by slot, so all items in the slot will be moved.
- Items moved are placed in order of purchase.
- Friendship and Couple Rings cannot be transferred.
- Certain packages can only be used by the character who bought them.

5. Premium Mini Dungeon!
Period: 16.03.2016 – 30.03.2016

2.1 What is the Premium Mini Dungeon Event?
This event (also known as PMD) opens up additional mini dungeons.
In these mini dungeons, the monsters will reward better EXP, and special items.

2.2 How do I enter the Premium Mini Dungeon?
To enter the Premium Mini Dungeon, you will need to purchase an entry ticket in the Cash Shop.
There are 2 types of entry tickets: one for a Party and one for Solo Play.

The ticket looks like this: 

800 NX - 1 Solo Play Premium Mini Dungeon Ticket
3,600 NX - 5 Solo Play Premium Mimi Dungeon Tickets
 *Tip: Make sure to leave your party before you enter a solo dungeon.

1,500 NX - 1 Party Play Premium Mini Dungeon Ticket
6,750 NX - 5 Party Play Premium Mini Dungeon Tickets

To enter the Premium Mini Dungeon talk to NPC Lepree, he will be
standing in the Event Hall.
Lepree looks like this: 

2.3 Which PMD should I enter?
Which PMD you should enter all depends on your level. 
Below, you can see all PMD’s and their monsters and EXP rewards.

1. Victoria Island – Wave Beach
2. Victoria Island – Ghost Mushroom Forest
3. Victoria Island – Golem’s Temple 4
4. Victoria Island – Cave Exit
5. Ludibrium - Eos Tower 70th floor
6. Ariant – Sahel 2
7. Magatia - Lab - Area C-1
8. Mu lung – Red-Nose Pirate Den 2
9. Leafre - Battlefield of Fire and Water
10. Leafre - Destroyed Dragon Nest
11. Leafre - The Dragon Nest Left Behind
12. Victoria Island - Root Abyss
 *Tip: Try to enter a PMD with monsters that are within your level range,
or else you might have trouble defeating them.

2.4 Bonus Experience.
Inside the PMD, there is a special Bonus Experience System.
For every 100 Monsters that are defeated, you will receive 10% bonus EXP.
You can receive up to a total of 150% bonus EXP!

At the left side of your screen, you can see the kill counter.

2.5 Reward Items
You can receive various items, including but not limited to:
Consume Box: 
Mastery Book 20

Mastery Book 30

Unidentified Love Letter

Chair Box: 
Golem Hand Chair

Dinosaur Fossil Chair

Love Locker

Mystery Box: 
Golden Hammer 50%

Rebirth Flame Lv.110

Rebirth Flame Lv.120

Rebirth Flame Lv.130

Rebirth Flame Lv.140

Rebirth Flame Lv.150

 *Tip: Make sure to have enough room in your inventory to pick up all reward items.

Clover Coins can be used in the special Premium Mini Dungeon Store!
Talk to NPC Rechanuni to see what you can buy with your Clover Coins.

NPC Rechanuni looks like this: 
You can find this NPC in the Event Hall.
6. Jett Class open for creation!

Period: 23.03.2016 – 06.04.2016

Jett will be open for creation for two full weeks!

You can create this class as of 23rd March,
(after the maintenance) until 6th April (prior to the maintenance)!

7. Weekend Events!

There will be weekend events every weekend for the upcoming 4 weekends! 

March 12th and March 13th: 
Double EXP and Drop from 16:00 CET – 20:00 CET

March 19th and March 20th:
Burning and Fever Time from 16:00 CET – 20:00 CET

March 26th and March 27th: 
Double EXP and Drop from 16:00 CET – 20:00 CET

April 2nd and April 3rd:
Burning and Fever Time from 16:00 CET – 20:00 CET

Double EXP and Drop Event:
The EXP and Drop rate will be doubled.
The perfect time to level up your characters!

Burning and Fever time Event: 
Burning Time: Elite Monsters have twice the chance of appearing.
Fever Time: The success rate of Spell Traces will be increased.

8. GM Events!
Period: Tuesdays, Thursdays, Sundays until April 28th

GM Events will be held every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday in March and April.
These GM Events are held once each event day, during the afternoon or evening.
Join in on the fun and have a chance to win Maple Points!

Type of events:
- Monster Summoning
- Hide ‘n Seek
- Quiz

What are Maple Points?
Maple Points are points that can be used to purchase items in the Cash Shop!

Happy Mapling!

- Maplestory Europe Team -

Rules and Information about Fascination:

Helpful Sections of the forum:

Need help? Dont hesitate to send me a PM:


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