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Aploo's Application ;]

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1 Aploo's Application ;] on Sun Oct 11, 2015 12:58 pm


Iron Body
Iron Body
What's your name?

Hey, my name is Adam.

What's your age?

I'm 22

Where do you live?

Unfortunately in Poland.

Have you read our guild rules and understand them?

Well thats a really rare thing to read any rules but if u want something You have to do what is necessary. I did Smile

What is your main characters IGN?

Since im back after a long time away its hard to say, i would like to make a new one which will be my main, but for now maybe Aplo?

What are your mules character IGNs?

There are many of them and everyone of it have its name close to "Aplo" like...Aploo, Aplo0o, Apluu etc... can't rly tell You every name cause i don't rly remember ^^

What is your maplestory background?

I started when i was like...14? Friend wanted me to try something new than just CS or any game like that, well for the 1st time i heard loggin song i wanted to give up and quit, since it were the "hard times" when leveling was really painfull ;P But i didn't give up,  I made a few levels, wasn't that hard as i though and thats how it started Razz
I wasted a lot of time spend in from on my PC with maple, "closed in 4 walls" with no friends, just that one which told me to start.
I had many breaks, some was just like a month, some of them like last one for a year or even longer.

And now i'm back, trying to do everything from the beggining like in old times.

What is your guild history?

Hard to say, i had many guilds most or even all of them was polish guilds like Templariusze. I spend really good time with them, that was like second family to me. But TIME did it job and destroyed everything.

Had any past problems with Nexon and when was it? (example banned/chatbanned)

Heh, banned, chatbanned never, but problem with nexon... all the time, i can't remember patch they made and there was no bug or anything that could make u mad... but what can we expect from someone that is doin Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V for the game patch ^^

What is your opinion on hackers and dupers?

I don't wish anyone a death...but they should die Razz

What are your future maplestory goals?

Well, for now... decide to make a new character, and make it already, level it up, gear it up, everyting is connected to make some money cause u can't do anything without it.
I never had a guild which could have 200+ players, never scored level 200 by myself, but it took me 3 years to get my bandit to level 120 in pre 4th job times so i know everything requires a time. 
Time will show what comes next.

How do you make mesos?

2 great playes which are Dave and Pelle shows me the way to farm items 125+ and remake them into cristals which can be sold in store, which i have now Smile
No other ways i know for that moment.

Do you know what and what not to buy in the Free Market?

Hard to say since most things are new to me now, but i readed somewhere, something about dupped? items so i think any type of these shouldn't ever get into my hands, the problem is i don't know how to compare dupped to normal item ; /

Anything else you think we should know about you?

Well i just changed my FM room from 4 to 2, saw free spot so i took it. Now they call me a SpotStealer which could be my next in game name... its simple, u are looking for a spot, u see its free, u take it? Smile

And for real what can be intresting i wasted milions of years closed in 4 walls in from of my pc playing all the time, now i started to live, im training Muay Thai, in few days or maybe longer i could go to another country which is Germany and work there so i could be offline for a moment when i will be movin.

Anything else you would like to share with us?

Yeah, as You may have noticed my english is not perfect i will take any advices to make it better Smile Or any ingame corrections.

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2 Re: Aploo's Application ;] on Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:02 pm


Welcome Adam to the forum.
Your application was fine and since you already talked to both Pelle and Dave you can send a join request to join the guild.

// Accepted

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