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Mah Store - Soren

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1 Mah Store - Soren on Sun Mar 15, 2015 9:36 pm


Who is this guy?
Who is this guy?
Hey there Guild mate!
I am selling some stuff 
updates on the list  will come from time to time.
I am gonna try to make this store look real fancy Wink

Leave me an offer if you are thinking of an other price!  bounce

Empress Gun - 
+9 scrolled. 1 star enhancement star. 148 Attack, 47 dex, Epic potential: bad

Revolution Suit (Overall) - 
not scrolled. 28 all stat, 200 weapon and magic def, 1 weapon and magic attack Epic potential: 6% dex

Meister Shoulder - 
not scrolled. 13 all stat, 9 weapon and magic attack, 150 weapon and magic def, Epic potential: bad

2 x Evolution Sunglasses - 
both are not scrolled. both has: 5 all stats, 125 hp and mp, 1 weapon and magic attack, 60 weapon and magic def both has Epic potential: both has 6% max hp

Rising Sun Earrings - 
not scrolled. 4 all stats, Battle mode attack + 3
older item but still cool and but was made for the battle mode.

Napoleon Hat - 
no stats - looks so look tho What a Face
But when used together with Napoleon Cape, Napoleon Overall, Napoleon Shoes, the item will gain bonus all stats like this:

Napoleon Cape - 
no stats

Napoleon Uniform - 
no stats
but the ladies like men in uniform  Surprised

Napoleon Boots - 
no stats

Powerful Tree Branch Nose (face accessory) - 
4 str
Really good for scrolling and potential

Wise Tree Branch Nose (face accessory) - 
4 int
Really good for scrolling and potential

Lucky Tree Branch Nose (face accessory) - 
4 luk
Really good for scrolling and potential

Rebirth Flame - Image will be up really soon.
Lv 110 

That was all i got for now

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