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Chris´s Application

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1 Chris´s Application on Mon Mar 09, 2015 6:48 pm


First topic message reminder :

My name is Chris and im 17 years old

My mains name is ZeroNexu.

One of my most used Mule is Tetsü and i got 1 another one called XaiSofTy

I´ve been playing since pre koc and i´m most into warrior type of characters.

I´ve only been in one real Guild so far, but i cant recall its name.

I´ve got chatbanned once because someone told me to curse and i didnt knew GMChaos was in the map.

I don´t like hackers or dupers because its alrdy easy enough to reach lvl 200 without hacking.

My future maplestory goals are to reach one day lvl 200+ and solo some hard bosses, like Hard Magnus or CRA.

I make my mesos from farming elite bosses or merch sometimes.

I know some prices and i know what to buy in the FM.

I want to join this Guild because i was told by a friend that the community in this Guild is quite good and not like in other Guilds where u dont have to create an application.

Anything else you want to SHARE with us?

16 Re: Chris´s Application on Mon Mar 16, 2015 8:42 am


Faith ~ Gilles wrote:i know him for some time know
he is a nice guy and a active player.
you can talk with him about lots of stuff.
not an anoying kser or anything like that 
kind personality, great person.

i recomended this guild to him because what was said over the guild is true
when you are in this guild there is a good feeling. 
the people are nice 
almost the whole day you have someone to talk to 
but there is no spam!
i have been back in this guild (demethos) for a few weeks now. 
and everyday you get the feeling you fit in more.
unlikely as in my old guild blackroses where you had little groups within the guild
like popular people and the other ones.

thats my feeling about this 

~ Gilles

PS. feeling bad about that i dont watch anime because i really dont know what al these names are.
i watched anime once with that ninja guy. but after 250 episodes. i was like mehh everyone is at episode 700
it´s never late to start tho

17 Re: Chris´s Application on Sat Mar 21, 2015 11:51 am


Accepted on trial please contact a jr to be added~

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