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CptJonas Application

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1 CptJonas Application on Wed Jan 04, 2017 9:57 pm


In Real Life related:

What's your name?


What's your age?


Where do you live?


InGame Related:

Have you read our guild rules and understand them? Rules can be found here: http://www.fascinationems.com/t829-all-rules-and-regulation-reguarding-the-forum-aswell-as-ingame 


How did you find out about Fascination?
Seen it around and have some people from it on my buddy list

What is your main characters IGN?


What are your mules character IGNs?

I have alot of mules too lazy to check all the names just put random stuff in them since they just link skill and character card mules.

How long have you played maplestory?

I've had a big break but mainly from 2007-2012 then break and came back around may 2016 and played since 

What is your maplestory background?

Found the game cant remember where but started playing and got hooked then 2012 hacking wave came and I quit cause I got hacked.

What is your guild history? 

From when I came back Tides and Royalis, I left tides cause one guy wasnt very nice and royalis didnt really feel like a guild should.

Had any past problems with Nexon and when was it? (example banned/chatbanned)


What is your opinion on hackers and dupers?

they ruin the game but sadly cant do much and nexon either.

What are your future maplestory goals?

Lvling, getting stronger with V matrix and try to be able to solo lotus and damien in the future.

How do you make mesos?

I sell boss drops, sup crystals, drops from hellux and cra equipment and fafnir weapon from chaos root abyss bosses 

Do you know what and what not to buy in the Free Market?


Extra Questions:

Anything else you think we should know about you?

I have a cat, hes my best friend, I like to play assassins creed and overwatch and I watch one piece 

What will you do if you get accepted?

Ill join the guild :p

What can you contribute towards the guild?

I always help people with questions or help with bosses like hard hilla or hellux 

What made you pick Fascination as the guild to apply to?

Seems like a nice guild/community with nice people.

2 Re: CptJonas Application on Wed Jan 04, 2017 11:22 pm


Heya Jonas and welcome to the forum Smile

Sad to hear you had issues with you old guilds let's hope you will feel better about Fascination Smile

Visit our union HQ (ch 1 henesys top right portal: Chief stans house) and talk to people Smile

Also whisp a Leader/jr and introduce yourself more to any of them:

Rules and Information about Fascination:

Helpful Sections of the forum:

Need help? Dont hesitate to send me a PM:


3 Re: CptJonas Application on Thu Jan 05, 2017 3:41 pm



Rules and Information about Fascination:

Helpful Sections of the forum:

Need help? Dont hesitate to send me a PM:


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